Brunch, or the case for $30 eggs!

December 11, 2016

Brunch, or the case for $30 eggs!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love brunch! After I started working, I became used to always going out to eat on Saturday and Sunday mornings for eggs and a fresh squeezed orange juice. While this became a fun ritual, it usually added up to about $25-30 once tax and tip were included.

In New York, where apartments are small and people live all over the city, brunch has always been a time to catch up with friends while having a satisfying meal and start the weekend on the right foot. However, as the weather gets colder and my desire to save money has recently increased, I started to wonder... Is brunch really that necessary?

I stopped having brunch outside religiously and started to invite friends at home instead. I know some people don't like hosting, but I enjoy the conviviality that comes with sharing a good meal with your family and friends in the comfort of your home. My go-to brunch at home consists of poached eggs with an english muffin (and Benedict sauce if I feel like it) with a side salad, fruits, and sometimes a dessert. It is usually just as delicious as any typical brunch served at a restaurant and you do not have to wait for a table or have to shout over loud music to talk to your friends. If you are like me and love brunch, I encourage you to try the at-home version sometimes. Stop by your local bakery, get some fresh bread, croissants, make some eggs and I'll promise you'll have a good time!
Disclaimer: In my last 5 years in NYC, I did come across a few restaurants that made brunch perfectly worth it. Here are my favorite addresses:

Meme Mediterranean: 581 Hudson St, New York, NY
Healthy and tasty, Meme Mediterranean serves inventive egg dishes and Mediterranean cuisine.

Chez Juliette: 135 N 5th St, Brooklyn NY
Nothing compares to having brunch on Juliette's sun-drenched rooftop during the warm summer months! The food is traditional but well-executed and definitely worth the trip to Brooklyn.

Extra Virgin: 259 W 4th st, New York NY
In my opinion, the best salmon eggs Benedict in the city. Enough said!

Maison Kayser: a few locations in the NY
While Maison Kayser now has a few outposts in NY, it is still the best traditional French brunch you can try. Their bread, croissants and pain au chocolat are nothing short of delicious and remind me of my sweet Parisian childhood.

Maison Kayser Brunch

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