Celebrate Valentine's Day just like in France

February 04, 2019

Celebrate Valentine's Day just like in France

5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day just like in France

1. Gift a dozen of red roses

Red Roses

We know, it can seem cliché. But no matter what people say, French women, just like any other, love to receive a bouquet of red roses for Valentine's Day! This gift idea doesn't require much planning, and it's always a win. No husband or boyfriend? It doesn't matter! You deserve them too! I buy flowers for myself all the time. They're always pretty to look at so we don't see a reason why we couldn't get them ourselves. 

2. Making a home cooked meal

French Valentine's Day

While Valentine's Day has definitely taken over France, it is still a bit more low key, with most French people preferring to stay home to cook a romantic meal vs. going out to eat.

My go-to Valentine's Day meal is seafood with vegetables and some sautéed potatoes. It doesn't need to be complicated: "cooked with amour" is the spirit! Add a delicious bottle of wine to your meal, and your celebration will be perfect. 

For desserts, you cannot go wrong with anything chocolate! This aphrodisiac usually pleases everyone. I adore the little hearts chocolate cookies from LU that you can find here. If you're feeling like spending a bit more time in the kitchen, you can also make French-style chocolate mousse

3. Going to the movies

Fall Activities French People France Paris

French people absolutely adore going to the movies, and there's something very romantic about seeing a film. And it's a great activity for the poor planners among us (I'm guilty!). I particularly enjoyable watching a cute rom-com on Valentine's Day, but Parisians love watching independent films, and then having a discussion about what everyone thought about the film! 

4. Writing a card to your loved ones

French people love handwritten notes, and I know this is also the case here!

As this art form is getting more and more rare, there's nothing better than receiving a handwritten card, especially for your loved ones that leave far away from you. That's also why we always offer to handwrite gift notes for you. You can leave your message at checkout and we'll take care of handwriting it.

5. Leave mini love notes everywhere

France Valentine's Day French Love Notes

This idea is great to start on Valentine's Day, but it can be done anytime you'll feel like being extra loving. Get a few pieces of paper and cut them into 10-15 small rectangles (large enough to write about the length of a quote). On each one, write something that you know you would love to receive. My favorites are: "I can't wait to see you!", "Have a great day!", "I love you", etc., but leave your imagination take its course.

Afterwards, hide them everywhere in random places: in a drawer, in the glove box of the car, underneath a pillow, etc. It may take months to uncover them all, but it's such a fun and adorable activity!

Looking for a gift idea that every Francophile would love? Our Valentine's Day box is here. Order it before Sunday, Feb 10th to receive it in time for the holiday.


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