Darci's Review of the Spring Candy Box

March 31, 2018

Darci's Review of the Spring Candy Box

Darci hails from Michigan and received our past holiday box as a gift! She's been addicted to French sweets ever since and loves to compare them to the treats she's used to. Read her review below:

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This box was a surprising delight. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this particular assortment, but I was pleased. The Boissier Citrus candies and the Chocolat Bonnat dark chocolate are tied for my favorite products; the citrus because it’s light and refreshing, the dark chocolate because it’s savory and decadent.  I tend to dislike lime and lemon candies; however, I like the lemon, lime, and orange equally. They’re all well flavored with a very natural taste. The dark chocolate is creamy with the perfect amount of bite that I expect from a dark chocolate.

I was skeptical about whether I would like the Anis of Flavigny.  Mints in general can be strong and abrasive and I was concerned that the anise seed would make it unappetizing. In general, I’m not a fan of anise or black licorice flavored items. However, I was surprised at how refreshing these mints are. They were delicate, the floral notes were refreshing, and the anise was subtle enough that I enjoyed it. These are great as a palate cleanser or a replacement for a standard mint. The violet has more of the floral flavor while the rose has a more delicate floral note with a stronger (but not overpowering) anise note.

Anis of Flavigny French Traditional Candies Burgundy

These items would be great to purchase as stand-alone products, but purchasing the box is a great investment. This collection gives you an introduction to a broad span of French sweets. The citrus candies are a great traditional sweet; the mints are a unique and pleasant, refreshing candy; the dark chocolate is decadent and savory. Each product has a high quality, a reputable history, and generously sized portions. Unlike American candies, these will last quite a while; one or two pieces is sufficient.

This would be a great gift for someone who appreciates sweets, especially French ones, or someone who is appreciative of food in general. The products are unlike sweets you typically find in the US. This would also be a great way to treat yourself to something special.

Boissier French Paris Candies Sweets Authentic Traditional delivery

The box is beautiful and the items are packaged carefully. I was impressed with the quality of the box; I often worry about having food shipped because it’s so easy to damage produces if they’re not packed right. These products are in a firm, strong box, with packing materials that help protect the items from damage.  I appreciated that the packaging served the purpose of protecting the items, but that Noémie took the time to select a design that is also aesthetically pleasing. This means that should you send this to someone as a gift, it will arrive in tact but will also essentially be gift wrapped.

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French Spring Candy Box

Photo credit: Jessica, A La Prochaine.

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