Fish of April: How the French Celebrate April Fool's Day

April 01, 2019

April Fool's Day

Happy Fish of April! T
his is not a typo. This is how French people say "April Fool's Day"!
The first reference to "Fish of April" goes back to 1508 in France. One of the origins of the French phrase may be that fish is usually eaten during Lent right before Easter and replaces meat during this time of year.
Another hypothesis is that fishing season would start April 1st. People would make fun of fishermen because the 1st fishing day of the season was either too easy or to the contrary, unfruitful...and would stick a REAL fish to their back!
To this day, one of the most popular children's games is to stick a paper fish to the back of their friends. Once the person realizes he has a fish, the other child shouts "Poisson d'Avril"!
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