Strawberry & Raspberry Parfait with a French Twist

June 09, 2018

Strawberry & Raspberry Parfait with a French Twist

This delicious recipe is a French twist on a breakfast classic. It is incredibly easy to make, but offers delicious red fruit flavors with the addition of fresh strawberries. I love the way the raspberry tartlet crumbles complements this dessert, and add just a hint of richness. This is the perfect dessert to have after a long summer meal - enjoy it outside with your favorite people!

Greek yogurt
1 Bonne Maman raspberry tartlet / person
4-5 large strawberries / person

1. In large glasses, pour the first layer of yogurt.

2. Cut strawberries into smaller pieces, and add about 10 above the yogurt.

3. Continue to layer more yogurt, and more strawberries.

4. Crumble the raspberry tartlets until the crumbs are about 1/2 inch, and layer them on top of the yogurt.

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