The French Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

December 11, 2018

The French Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

9 gift ideas that will make everyone squeal for joy!

Travels are a chance to discover not only new cultures and history, but also taste the local food. While France may be more than 3,500 miles away, enjoying its most decadent treats is easy! Our holiday gifts will warm everyone's hearts and feel like they were just transported to the City of Light for Christmas.

Below are 9 fantastic gift ideas for the foodie in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make YOU happy for the holidays!

1. For the Chocolate Lover in your Life

Chocolate Lover

What makes French chocolate different? Its delicate flavor, without being overly sweet. These 3 treats are some of the most adored chocolate in France.

Chocolat Bonnat is one of France's master chocolatiers and has perfect the art of a balanced dark chocolate since its start in the 19th century. Hailing from Bordeaux, the dark chocolate orange twigs are also a favorite for chocolate lovers. They also come in mint - so everyone can have their favorites!

We adore having one, two (or three) of these chocolate treats after dinner, for a sweet treat like no other.  

Shop all 3 treats for only $36.99 here

2. For the ultimate French connoisseur

This assortment is the perfect experience for all French food lovers. They'll be able to discover 6 decadent French treats, which represent different regions of the French culinary heritage. 

All treats come in our signature red box, so you do not have to do any extra packing or wrapping. We'll also hand-write a gift note for you.

The French box is only $50, for more than $60 in retail value.

3. For the Hostess with the mostest

Know someone who loves entertaining during the holidays? These French treats will make their parties even more remarkable. They'll discover the exquisite experience of dipping the Biscuits Rose in a glass of Rosé or Champagne.

And who wouldn't want to have Champagne cookies at their holiday party? The Sablé Champenois are made with real French champagne and a subtle hint of almonds. Perfect for a holiday party just like in France!

4. For a fancy friend that would love to go to Paris

The small French holiday box is the perfect treat for the holidays. Curated & prepared by Noémie, these 5 exquisite French treats will make your friend feel as good as a short trip to Paris.

The small Holiday Box includes 5 of our most decadent treats at an amazing price ($50 for a retail value of more than $60). It includes the Rose cookies, perfect to dip in Rosé or Champagne during the holidays, as well as truffle salt, and 3 more treats! Discover it here.

5. For someone who loves to cook

How to delight a chef in training? Gift them the very best French ingredients to elevate their dish!

This truffle oil is so flavorful that they will only need a few drops to transform a meal from plain to heavenly. Maison Pebeyre, the company behind this oil, is the oldest French family business specializing in truffles, having started their activity in 1897. 

Wondering what's different about this salt? For starters, it was hand-harvested in Brittany from sea water, using the exact same technique from hundreds of years ago. The natural process to harvest the salt, leads to an unrefined condiment that has a much higher moisture content than ordinary sea salt. It also contains other minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which gives Fleur de Sel an unmatched delicate and earthy flavor. Discover more about it here.

Shop all 3 treats for less than $40 here

6. For a sweets loving gal

The Sweet Moments box is the perfect French experience for any sweet tooth. Discover 4 exquisite French desserts, and pair them with 3 mini Bonne Maman jams. We love to enjoy these cookies for an afternoon treat with friends, or for a touch of sweetness after dinner.

The Sweet Moments assortment is only $25 (with the option to be packed in our signature red box for an additional $4). You can discover it here.

7. For the candy enthusiast

Boissier Chocolate Pearls

Nothing is better than traditional French candies! For hundreds of years, Maison Boissier and the Anis de Flavigny have delighted French women with their artisanal candies.

Founded in the 19th century, Maison Boissier is the candy maker behind these melt-in-your-mouth chocolate pearls. After many generations, Boissier is still a family company with a single location in the heart of Paris. 

Anis of Flavigny are an even larger part of France's culinary heritage. This delicious candy was invented in 1591, and it takes more than 15 days for the candy to transform from a minuscule aniseed into a final piece of hard candy.  

This adorable set will make the perfect gift for your favorite Francophile and candy lovers. It contains 5 boxes of the famous Anis of Flavigny mints in their petite version! Each assortment comes with a box of original aniseed flavor, as well as rose, violet, lemon & mint. 

8. For the youngest French foodies

The kids in our lives definitely deserve the best French treats. The Sea Salt Galettes are kids adored, and adults approved! And how fun are the Eiffel Tower candies? Made without any coloring or preservatives, you can feel good about gifting these 2 sweets to the next generation of French foodies.

9. For your mom, sister or very best friend!

The large French holiday box is the quintessential French gift for Christmas. Discovering these 6 decadent treats is like a mini trip to Paris.

Pair the Rose cookies with a glass of Rosé, sprinkle truffle salt over pasta, or enjoy a few chocolate twigs after dinner; this assortment is the gift that keeps on giving, and you can be sure it will last a long time past the holidays.

This holiday assortment comes in our signature red box so you do not have to do any extra wrapping or packing, and we'll also hand-write a gift note for you if you would like. 

This luxurious gift is our best value yet: $90 for more than $105 in retail value and it includes FREE shipping as well. You can get it here.

Do you have any questions on any of these French gifts? Click on the chat button (right hand corner of your screen) and we'll be with you right away.

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