The perfect Grenadine

June 01, 2017 2 Comments

The perfect Grenadine

Ah, "la Grenadine Teisseire"! No better drink represents summer than a "Diabolo Grenadine". In France, diabolo Grenadine is made with grenadine syrup (or mint) and limonade. But French limonade is quite different than American lemonade. What French people call limonade is actually most similar to Sprite here; it is a sweet and sparkling soda with a slight lemon flavor. However, French lemonade is usually a bit less sugary than Sprite so I wanted to share a simple recipe that I make at home whenever I'd like a glass of Grenadine just like I would in France.

This recipe can be adapted to make it more or less sweet to best fit your tastes. You can also simply use Grenadine or Mint syrup with filtered water, or sparkling water. 

Diabolo Grenadine (or Mint) (for 1 large glass)
1 tbsp, Teisseire grenadine or mint syrup
1 cup, sparkling water, or filtered water
1 tbsp, simple syrup

Simple Syrup
1/2 tspn, sugar
1 tbsp, water

1. Start by making the simple syrup by dissolving the sugar into tap water on the stove. Remove from the heat source and let cool.

2. (Optional) If you want an extra cold drink, place ice in your cup.

3. Add the simple syrup and stir.

3. Add your desired choice of Teisseire syrup in your glass.

5. Add cold sparkling or filtered water. 

6. Stir gently, and there you go! Your new go-to summer drink is ready.

Now it's your turn to let us know how you enjoy your grenadine or mint syrup in the comments section! 

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July 07, 2017

@Debbie It’s just as good as described! :) This product is our best seller on the site, almost everyone orders it!


July 07, 2017

looks delicious, can’t wait to try

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