3 Reasons why Galettes are a Perfect French Treat

April 12, 2016

3 Reasons why Galettes are a Perfect French Treat

The St Michel company has been making traditional French galettes since 1905. Galette is the French name for a flat and round, buttery cookie, traditionally eaten in the afternoon. Joseph Grellier, a pastry chef, starting making galettes in the town of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, Brittany. He would bake the round golden cookies in his wood-fired oven for the delight of all the local residents. One Summer morning, his wife Constance took some galettes to the seaside to offer them to Parisian vacationers, and the rest is history! St Michel is now one of the most famous French cookie brands and has continued to bake their family’s recipe decades later.

1. Delicate Taste

These galettes offer a perfect balance between a crispy, buttery cookie, and a subtle hint of Guérande Sea Salt. Their small size and delicate taste make an amazing afternoon treat. They are best enjoyed with a warm cup of tea or coffee.


2. Perfectly Portioned Treat

The cookies are packaged in 3 separate packets, each containing 3 cookies. It is just enough for a small treat and you can save the rest for later without worrying that they will become stale! You can now have 3 special times to indulge in this delicious sweet.


3. Only Natural Ingredients

St Michel Sea Salt galettes are made with wheat flour, fresh butter, baking powder, eggs, skim milk and Guérande Sea Salt. No coloring, palm oil, hydrogenated fat or GMOs make it into these delicious goodies.

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