Jams for Cheese: Fig & Walnuts / White Wine & Pear

This set of 2 jams, created to be paired with cheese, from French maison: L'Epicurien will elevate all your cheese & charcuterie boards this summer.

L'Épicurien, a French family company has been expertly creating jams for the past 30 years following the traditional French method. The result? Delicate jams and confit, which are the perfect companion to any cheese board.

For this set, we curated 2 delicious and crowd pleasing flavors: Fig & Walnuts (made with 60% figs), and White Wine & Williams Pear Jams (made with more than 25% of white wine and 23% of pear).

Wondering what type of cheese to pair with this set? The fig & walnut jam will be a delight with any type of goat cheese, brie, mozzarella, feta or manchego. On the other end, we love the white wine & pear jam with gorgonzola, blue cheese or any other type of stronger cheese. Add a few grapes and slices of bread for a delicious French cheese board prepared in seconds.

Not preparing a full cheese board? Enjoy this jam on a piece of bread or cracker.

Size: 2 x 125g (2 x 4.4 oz)

Ingredients - White wine and williams pear confit: French white wine from Pays d'Oc 26%, sugars extracted from fruits, Williams pear 23%, cane sugar, jelling agent: fruit pectin, calcium citrate, tartaric acid.

Ingredients - Fig & walnut confit: figs 60%, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, jelling agent: fruit pectin.


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Customer Reviews

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Star of the cheeseboard

I make cheeseboards all the time and I was getting sick of my standard raspberry jam from Trader Joe's so I decided to give these a try - and they were amazing! The Fig and Walnut Confit on a wheat thin with some brie cheese is my new favorite snack. I've always put jams on my cheese boards for color and not much else, but both of these jams totally changed the taste of the cheese I selected to go with it. I shared some with a few friends and they were blown away too. Normally jam is left in the back of my fridge for weeks at a time, but both of these jars were empty within 48 hours. Seriously. Try it.

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