French Introduction Box

Our Introduction box is the perfect French experience for any food lovers. Curated & prepared by Noémie, a Parisian girl now living in New York, discover 6 exquisite French treats, which represent different regions of the French culinary heritage. This box is the perfect French treat for any foodie or yourself, and is incredible value. Only $50 for a retail value of more than $60!

All the items will be packed in our signature red box and will include a card with a brief description of each product. If you're sending this box as a gift, please let us know in the notes box on the cart page - we will hand-write your message for you. :)

The Introduction to French Cuisine box contains:

  • St Michel Sea Salt Galettes. These galettes were first invented in 1905 and are still one of the most traditional French cookies you can find. Enjoy their crispy, buttery flavor with a warm cup of tea.
  • Fossier Rose Cookies. These elegant pink cookies taste amazing by themselves, but dipping them in Rosé will reveal their full flavor. They were first invented in Reims in the 17th century and are still made following the original recipe.
  • Rose & Lemon Anis of Flavigny Candies. These delicious candies were invented in 52 BC & are still made following a 15-day artisanal process in the heart of France's wine country. They are lightly flavored and only contain natural ingredients. For example, the rose candies are made using natural rose essence extracted from rose petals, in the Burgundy workshop.
  • Guérande Fleur de Sel. This salt is unlike any other! It is hand-harvested in Brittany from sea water. To harvest Fleur de Sel, the water is placed into salt marshes under direct sunlight. As the water evaporates, most of the salt falls to the bottom of the salt marsh, but some salt crystals float on the surface of the water, forming a delicate crust of intricate pyramidal crystals called “Fleur de Sel”.
  • Sun-dried Tomato Spread. This delicious spread hails from the warm region of Provence. It gets its rich flavor from using a combination of fresh and sun-dried tomatoes. The tomatoes are then cooked along with sunflower and olive oils, and finished off with just a hint of garlic. One bite will transport you to a warm summer afternoon in the South of France.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great treat nox

These new cookie treats are great. I had had one of these in Paris last month and had brought the wrapper home to see if I could buy them in the states. Then saw them as a new item at Noemi’s. Going to have to order more

Surprise inside!

Noémie's Pantry box was an absolute delight!! There was something for my entire family to enjoy!! The big hit are the rose & lemon flavored mints!! Great gift!!!

A perfect gift

I purchased this as a gift for a much deserving friend. She is long overdue for a trip to Paris and I wanted to give her a taste of France to brighten her day. She was delighted with the selection and the quality of the products. She's already planning her next purchase because she was so impressed with this introduction to Noemie's Pantry.

Great introduction to the Pantry

This box was the perfect introduction to the wonderful items in Noemie's Pantry. The Rose Cookies are perfect with my afternoon glass of wine. The St. Michel Sea Salt Galettes were a hit with the entire family and I will need to hide the next box of them very securely. The flavor is similar to a cookie, but the sharpness of the sea salt is a welcome one that sets off the tone beautifully. My daughter and I are both enjoying the tins of candies. Each flavor is very nice and the anise seed in the middle is satisfying when it is reached. I have always loved the St Michel Caramel Palmers, so those were not long for being in the house. I was a bit unsure about the Sundried Tomato Spread, but it is a grand snack on crackers after work or school. Savory enough to heighten the taste buds, but not overly spiced. It also pairs nicely with a bit of sharp cheese. Overall, the box was curated in a manner that hit many aspects of different flavors, a bit of savory and sweet, and very well balanced.

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