Celebrate the 8 Nights of HANUKKAH WITH A FRENCH Gift Set | The Most Delicious Hanukkah Gift

Celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah with an exclusive French-themed Gift.

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Why should the fun of enjoying 8 gifts for Hanukkah be so complicated and expensive to put together? This French-themed Hanukkah gift is the best food gift you'll find out there! Every night, enjoy a new French sweet and celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah with exquisite sweets, imported from France. This assortment will make for a very sweet Hanukkah. 

In the Hanukkah food assortment, you'll find everything pictured below + a mini jar of Apricot jam and an Eiffel Tower keychain!

The entire set is only $45, for a retail value of more than $50.

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Finding the perfect Hanukkah gift should be easy! While baking once or twice during the holiday is a lot of fun, this assortment will relieve some of the holiday stress and allow you to enjoy 8 different treats throughout the holiday. We also added 2 bonuses: 2 mini jars of the popular Bonne Maman jams, and one silver Eiffel Tower key chain.

Each of the 8 different treats are directly imported from France and are favorites of millions of French adults and kids alike. This Hanukkah assortment only includes the best of the best.

Order this holiday gift for your family, your kids or grandkids, or a beloved friend. You can't go wrong with this delightful gift!

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