Our Commitment to No Food Waste

Did you know that almost 40% of the food produced in the US is wasted?

Not only is this statistic troubling, it is also incredibly sad. We've all been there... sometimes you forget that you bought fruits and left them in the back of the fridge a bit too long... While we can help reduce this phenomena on an individual level, most of the food is wasted before it even reaches us!

I live near one of the most popular French bakeries in NYC. I buy my baguette there on a weekly basis and always stop by to get croissants and pains au chocolat when it's my turn to bring breakfast to my friends. One weekend night around 10pm, I saw something that was shocking to me: a pile of garbage with baguettes piercing the bags on each side, leaving nothing to the imagination - food was thrown out in the NYC streets. And not just food, but bread! 

It is not a myth that French people could live on bread alone. In fact, it was one of the most important part of the French diet for centuries so seeing this giant pile of black plastic bags full of not only baguettes, but a variety of bread and pastries really made me sad. I know a lot of people could have enjoyed this bread... if only it had been donated and not thrown on the sidewalks.

Here's the sad (and infuriating) display of waste that I stumbled upon. The wrapping paper is blurred so the name of the bakery is not apparent.

We wanted you to know that we will never do that. 

As food approaches its best by date, we start by putting it on sale. Most food can still be enjoyed for about a month after their best by date and it's a great time for bargains. Next, we offer it for free to our team and their families. And lastly, we donate it to an amazing NYC-based organization: City Harvest. City Harvest collects over 59 million pounds of food every year from restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, and now us. We're very happy to be a tiny part of their mission so that no New Yorker ever goes hungry.

Feel free to email me at noemie@noemiespantry.com if you have any questions about best by dates, donations, or our partnership with City Harvest.