Alsa Vanilla Sugar

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It doesn’t have to be a vanilla cake to call for some fantastic vanilla sugar! Alsa, the brand behind this delicious sugar has been a household name in France for over 120 years. They specialize in baking aids such as vanilla sugar & baking powder.

Vanilla sugar is an amazing substitute to vanilla extract. Made with cane sugar and natural vanilla extract, one packet of sugar is all you need to give a subtle vanilla flavor to any baked treats. 

If you love vanilla treats, you should try our Three Vanilla Pound Cake recipe. This cake bursts with vanilla flavor and is made with 3 different vanilla source: vanilla bean, vanilla sugar and vanilla extract. I discovered this recipe over 10 years ago, and it is still one of my favorite cakes!

Each order includes 12 packets (7.5g each / 0.25 oz).

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Sugar, starch, natural vanilla extract. May contain wheat.