Anis of Flavigny 5 Flavor Assortment

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This adorable set will make a perfect gift for any candy lover. It contains 5 boxes of the famous Anis of Flavigny in their petite version! Each assortment comes with a box of original aniseed flavor, as well as rose, violet, lemon & mint. Anis of Flavigny candies start with a tiny aniseed, which is coated in successive layers of fine sugar syrup in a large rotating cylinder. It takes more than 15 days for the candy to transform from a minuscule aniseed into a final piece of hard candy. This delicious French tradition that started in 1591, but you can enjoy them now!

These are hard candies - please do not bite them. They are best enjoyed slowly to appreciate all of their flavor.

Size: 90g total (3.2 oz)

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Sugar, natural flavoring, green aniseed.

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