Strawberry & Wild Strawberry Jam

While Bonne Maman’s jams are widely available in the U.S., you won’t find this particular one at your local grocery store. Wild strawberries are tiny strawberries packed with red fruit flavor, which are irresistibly juicy and sweet. They grow in the woods in France in small quantities. They are delicate and do not travel well, making them incredibly rare to find, even in the Spring!

When you try this jam, you will first notice the taste of strawberry and soon after will discover the delicious flavor profile of wild strawberries. This Bonne Maman jam will be exquisite on a piece of bread, a croissant or even a crepe.

Size: 370g (13 oz)

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Strawberry (40%), wild strawberry (10%), sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, and potentially, fruit pectin.