Chestnut Cream (250g)

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The chestnut jam by Clement Faugier is one of France’s most beloved spreads. Clement Faugier started his company by making candied chestnuts, which is very difficult and labor-intensive. Throughout production, he discovered that candied chestnuts often break, leaving him with many small pieces that he could not sell. In 1885, he decides to cook the candied chestnuts scraps by adding unprocessed chestnuts, sugar and glucose syrup, and blending it until it creates a smooth texture, similar to Nutella (but not as sweet!). The recipe is a huge success, and has been left unchanged since.

To this day, Clément Faugier only produces chestnut sweets and the production is still located in Ardèche at the heart of chestnut country. Chestnut jam tastes amazing on a crepe, on a slice of bread, or even in plain yogurt. You can also use it to make a “Mont Blanc”, a delicious French dessert!

Size: 8.8oz

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Perfect spread with tea

My family loves roasted chestnuts and chestnut/chocolate torte. I could not resist when I saw that Noemie had a chestnut Cream in her Pantry. It is perfect. Not too sweet with very nice mild chestnut flavor. It pairs beautifully on toasts with tea. It also is a nice spread on the St Michel Sea Salt Galettes. I am certain that I will be purchasing this again. For now, I am trying to keep it for myself.

Give this a try!!

I was a bit skeptical about trying this - I like chestnuts, but wasn't sure what to make of chestnut jam. I had no idea how much I would love it!! It's a great snack or dessert, and particularly good in yogurt of all things.

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Chestnuts (50%), sugar, candied marrons, glucose syrup, water, vanilla natural essence. Gluten free.