French Evening Set

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Are you dreaming of a sweet escape to Provence or the French Riviera, where summer nights are long and warm? Where the food is fresh and delicious? Where everyone meets around a bottle of wine, shares their adventures from the week and takes time to enjoy delicious food? 

Noémie, a Parisian girl now living in New York, loved this typical French moment -- where the time seems to stop and all that matters is the people you are with, and the food you are enjoying together. It is as if the time stops, just for you to enjoy this moment. This is the assortment to recreate this magical moment, right at home. 

The French Evening set includes:

  • Eggplant caviar. Eggplant caviar is one of the most traditional French hors d'oeuvres - in fact, it is the only vegetarian dish, which can take the name "caviar" in France! And yes, the French signed a law to make sure everyone respects that.
  • Black olive tapenade. Take a bit of a baguette spread with olive tapenade, and escape to Provence. Even olive haters LOVE this spread, it's true - I am one of those people!
  • Sun-dried tomato spread. This delicious spread hails from the warm region of Provence. It gets its rich flavor from using a combination of fresh and sun-dried tomatoes. One bite will transport you to a warm summer afternoon in the South of France.

Want to learn more about French Evening Set? Join Noémie and her friend Johanna in a Parisian park. 

Prepare a delicious happy hour platter as easy as "un, deux, trois". 
This set has everything you need for a lovely summer gathering, and is incredible value!

This set includes 3 of our best-selling spreads, made by a French family company in the heart of Provence. Their expertise lies in using the freshest ingredients to craft traditional French recipes, and share them with the rest of the world.

Serve these rich spreads on a warm baguette for a perfect French happy hour! You can also add some vegetables and goat cheese for an exquisite platter that will make everyone happy. 

Customer Reviews

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Loved it!

Clare Wingert
French evening set

Absolutley loved it. A Christmas gift to myself.

Perfect "apero"

This is definitely my go to for the perfect "french apero", hosting (french) friends for a drink - add some nice bread and white/red wine and your hosts will definitely think you are french - hmmm - Bon appetit!

Avanel Dixon
French Happy Hour!

I’m usually not a fan of black olives, but the Black Olive Tapenade was amazing!!! The Eggplant Spread and Sun Dried Tomato Spread were also delicious! I will definitely purchase these products again!

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