Fruit Carambar

Carambars are one of France’s most beloved candies. These are soft and chewy candies and come in a variety of fruit flavors. This is the fruit declination of the famous caramel and chocolate candies! Invented in 1973 to expand on the success of the 1st variety of Carambars, these sweets are softer than their original version and are made without caramel or chocolate. Each bag contains an assortment of 4 different flavors: strawberry, raspberry, lemon and orange.

Carambars have a large following in France for their silly jokes inside the wrapper of each candy. If you are learning French, you will definitely enjoy these word plays!

Size: 130g (4.6 oz)

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Glucose syrup, sugar, fully hydrogenated coprah oil, acid (E330), gelatin, colors (E163, E161b, E160c, E153), flavoring, emulsifier (E471). May contain milk and nuts.