Guerande Salt

This Fleur de Sel (salt flower) is unlike any other sea salt! It is hand-harvested in Brittany from sea water. To harvest Fleur de Sel, the water is placed into salt marshes and under direct sunlight. The water evaporates slowly, and what’s left behind is this delicious sea salt! As the water evaporates, most of the salt falls to the bottom of the salt marsh, but some salt crystals float on the surface of the water, forming a delicate crust of intricate pyramidal crystals called “Fleur de Sel”.

This natural process leads to an unrefined salt that has a much higher moisture content than ordinary sea salt. It also contains other minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which gives Fleur de Sel an unmatched delicate and earthy flavor.

The salt is best used as a finishing touch on steak, chicken, potatoes, roasted vegetables, or any dish that would benefit from an extra kick of salt. You can even use it when making chocolates or caramels.

Size: 125g (4.4 oz)

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