Heudebert Biscotte

Noemie's Pick

It’s no secret that French people love fresh bread. However, they don’t have always it around the house. For those days, there is “biscotte”. Biscottes are crispy slices of bread that are ever so slightly sweet. They are full of whole grains and are particularly delicious for breakfast with butter and jam.

Biscottes were invented in 1903, when Charles Heudebert didn’t know what to do with the unsold bread from his bakery. He decided to bake it a 2nd time and made “biscotte”! The name “biscotte” comes from the Italian bis-cotto, “cooked twice”. Do as the French do and always keep a box of Heudebert biscottes in your pantry!

Size: 300g (10.6 oz)

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Wheat flour, vegetal oil, sugar, yeast, salt, emulsifiers, ascorbic acid.