Mousline Mashed Potato

Mousline mashed potato mix is a staple of any French pantry. This is the definition of French comfort food! Created in 1963 in the North of France, Mousline is made with carefully selected potatoes from the area and just a hint of seasoning. To create Mousline, the potatoes are peeled and steamed to preserve their nutritional quality and guarantee a recipe without food color or preservatives.

You only have to add milk & water to recreate mashed potatoes and enjoy the delicious Mousline taste that has been known for generations. French people have even said that it is their Proust madeleines. After a long day, offer your family a treat by making some Mousline like French parents everywhere! You can bet that everyone in your family will love it.

Size: 125g (4.4 oz)

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Potatoes 99%, vegetable-based emulsifier, flavoring, spice, anti-oxidant: rosemary extract. Does not contain food coloring, preservative, or gluten. May contain milk.