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This traditional French sweet from the South of France is nothing short of amazing. The name "nougat" comes from "nux gatum", meaning nuts cake in Latin, which became "nougo" in the Provencal dialect, and gave its current name in French: "nougat".

Nougat is a soft candy made with almonds, honey and sugar. This nougat de Montélimar is from Chabert & Guillot, a company that started making nougat in 1848. Since 1996, the term “Nougat de Montélimar” is even a regulated term by the French government! Each manufacturer must respect the traditional proportions (at least 30% almonds & 20% honey) to be able to call their treats a “Nougat de Montélimar”, or they may have to pay a very hefty fine. With our nougat, you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying one of the most traditional French sweets.

Size: 200g (7.05 oz)

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Delicious, never enough

I haven't had real nougat since childhood - its immitations in some available candy bars (e.g., 3 Musketeers), made me think that it's just a memory from the past, never to come back again. However, THIS one is amazing - that's what nougat actually is. Its exquisite. I love its airy, light, nutty flavor. It just melts in your mouth. Due to my family's popular demand, I graduated from buying a smaller one to the big one. Hopefully, it will last a day longer.


I received this as a gift; having a serious sweet-tooth meant I was initially skeptical. The nougat is delectable, with the right combination / balance of honey and almonds, airy yet satisfying. I’m happy to say this has ruined all other nougats for me.
In a moment of altruism, I shared some nougat with a friend who was missing France. She, too, was skeptical that I’d truly happened upon French nougat in the USA. She was delighted to discover it’s everything she’d been missing from France.
Thanks, Noémie, for making these ethereal products conveniently available in the US!

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Sugar, almonds (28%), honey, glucose syrup, pistachios, egg albumin, wafer paper, natural vanilla essence.

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