Milk Chocolate Pepito

These are round and crispy cookies, with one side covered with a layer of silky smooth milk chocolate. These cookies are a perfect balance of sweet and buttery, without being as heavy as shortbread cookies. Pepitos are produced by LU, a French cookie maker founded in Brittany in 1848 with the goal of creating “the world’s best cookies”.

These particular cookies were introduced in the 1961 and were marketed as a chocolate cookie for kids. Right away, Pepitos were incredibly popular and became a French cookie staple, which you can still find in many French pantries. These cookies make a perfect afternoon treat for adults and kids alike. Each box contains 2 packets with 10 cookies each so you can choose to have a few and save the rest for later.

Size: 200g (7 oz)

Customer Reviews

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Afternoon Snack

I'm a chocoholic, always rummaging through my kitchen cabinets or desk drawers for a pick-me-up and these are great to have on hand! I'll pop one or two in the afternoon (or the morning) and it satisfies my craving!


I had these in my cabinet when my foodie Korean American friend visited, and she could NOT get enough of these... I think she liked them even more than the dinner I'd cooked for her! Just the right amount of chocolate, super tasty.

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Wheat flour 51%, milk chocolate 28% (sugar, cocoa paste and cocoa butter, lactose and milk proteins, skimmed milk powder, vegetable fats, butter, milk lactose, emulsifier soy lecithin, E476, flavoring), palm oil, sugar, lactoserum milk powder, coconut, glucose and fructose syrup, salt, raising agent (sodium bicabornate, ammonium carbonate), acidity regulator (monocalcium phosphate), flavorings. May contain eggs, nuts and/or sesame.