Prince Chocolate Cookies

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Prince are crispy cookies made with whole wheat flour and filled with a delicious chocolate cream. Prince are some of the most popular cookies in France; 50% of French households consume Prince cookies regularly! The first box of Prince was commercialized over 70 years ago and while its recipe has changed a bit, they still have the great flavor French kids and adults love. Pair a few Prince with an apple or yogurt for a perfectly balanced afternoon pick-me-up!

Prince cookies were created in 1870 for the king of Belgium, Leopold II because he had been Prince for 30 years before finally becoming king. The story was that he loved chocolate but he didn’t like to dirty his hands with it, so a Belgian pastry maker invented this cookie to please his chocolate-loving taste buds! To this day, the “Prince” character is known by millions of French children and adults.

Size: 300g (10.6 oz)

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