Rosé Cookies

These elegant pink sweets are crispy, lady fingers cookies covered by a thin layer of caster sugar. They date back to the 1690s when bakers wanted to make the most out of the heat of their bread oven between batches. They crafted a special dough, which after being baked once, was left in the oven where it finished drying. Hence the origin of the name “bis-cuit”: cooked twice. Originally, the cookie was white, but adding vanilla seeds left brown traces on the biscuit. Someone had the idea of masking this pigmentation with natural red coloring: carmine. This is how these pink cookies were invented and are still being produced today, following the traditional double-baking recipe.

While these cookies taste amazing by themselves, dipping them in Rosé or Champagne is customary and reveals their full flavor.

Create a delicious & stunning dessert in less than 20 minutes of prep time: the Rose Cookie Tiramisu with Raspberries, a delicate twist on the Italian classic. This simple dessert looks gorgeous and will definitely impress your guests!

Size: 175g (6.2 oz)

Customer Reviews

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Champagne Companion

A must have in your pantry. Very tasty, crisp and fresh out of the box.
The only downside would be the price you have to pay to have it on this side of the Ocean!

rose cookies and orange blossom cookies

love the rose cookies with my tea, it’s like fantastic cake rusk! the orange blossom cookies were meh.

Love these cookies!

They taste so good!! And I've never seen such pretty French cookies!

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Sugar, wheat flour, eggs, egg whites, coloring: cochineal extract, raising agent, natural vanilla flavor. Made in a facility that processes tree nuts, milk, wheat, mustard, and soy.