Strawberry Barquettes

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These boat-shaped cookies have been a favorite for generations. Barquettes LULU is one of the staples of the French cookie brand, LU. LU started making cookies in Nantes in 1846 and has been a French staple ever since. Their goal was to create the best cookies in the world and we think they’ve definitely fulfilled that mission!

Kids and adults alike love their slightly soft texture and the delicious strawberry jam in the middle. Pair these cookies with yogurt or fresh fruit for a delicious afternoon snack.

Each box contains 2 packets with 8 cookies each. Size: 120g (4.2 oz)

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Glucose-fructose syrup, strawberry puree (28%), sugar, wheat flour (19%), eggs (17%), wheat starch, pectins, citric acid, flavoring, dry yeast. May contain milk and nuts.