Teisseire Mint Syrup

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The Mint Syrup by Teisseire is one of the most popular French drinks. French kids and adults alike love having a glass of mint syrup in the afternoon on a warm day. This syrup is packed with spearmint flavor and will make any drink a bit more fun! This refreshing beverage is best served cold with filtered water, sparkling water, or lemon soda. If you mix it with lemon soda, you will have made a staple of French cafés: “Diabolo Menthe”. Sip on this delightful drink while you transport yourself to a sun-drenched Parisian terrace.

The best part of crafting your own drink is the flexibility of choosing to use just a drop of syrup for a small hint of Mint flavor, or opting for more to create a bolder and much sweeter experience. I recommend using about 1 tbsp of Mint syrup for each cup of water. Best of all, this syrup is made without food coloring or preservatives.

Teisseire has a long history of making delicious beverages. It all starts in 1720 when Mathieu Teisseire decides to manufacture cherry liqueur in the French Alps. Soon after, the family innovated non-alcoholic fruit syrups but all the while stayed true to their philosophy of concentrating a rich flavor in every drop! Teisseire became the famous brand that it is now in the late 1950s after they introduced an iconic long aluminum can, making it easier to store and preserve. Nowadays, Teisseire remains the leader of French syrups with over 65% of French households buying it at least once a year.

Size: 600ml (20.3 fl oz)


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Sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, water, color: caramel (E150b), E133, natural mint flavoring.