Traditional White Wine Vinegar

This delicate and flavorful white wine vinegar is made following the 19th century traditional method from Orléans, which consists of storing the vinegar in oak barrels for one year before bottling and distribution. This creates an aromatic, full-bodied vinegar, which is rare to find.

The city of Orléans became the center of vinegar production due to its ideal geographic location by the Loire River. Wines produced in the Loire Valley and Burgundy were usually transported on the Loire River, before departing North to Paris. In Orléans, the wines (“vin” in French) that had turned sour (“aigre”) were removed from freight and were transformed in vinegar (“vinaigre”). This vinegar is crafted by Martin Pouret, a 6th generation family company based in Orléans and the last remaining vinegar Masters in the region.

Use this vinegar to create tasty vinaigrettes or sauces to accompany fish, chicken or salads.

Size: 250ml (8.5 fl oz)

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White wine vinegar.